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TV & Radio Broadcast Automation

Solutions ranging from Media Playout, CG & Graphics and Ingest. A complete one stop solution for your Video / Audio broadcast.

MAM, NRCS, Traffic System & Subtitling

Providing Digital Archiving System, Newsroom Automation, Airtime Sales, Scheduling & Billing. Ensuring all content management and daily operations are synchronized in a typical TV station environment.


End-to-End Content Delivery / Transmission supporting all DVB platform and Over The Top Television with the latest adaptive video streaming technologies.

Video/Audio Equipment & Signal Processing

Supplying all Glue related equipment that is integral to every broadcast setup.

Studio & MCP, Post Production

From professional Cameras to Studio Lighting, Production Switchers, Video / Audio Mixers, Inter-Communications and complete Video Editing Suites.

Consultancy, Workflow Design & Integration

Ensuring End-to-End professional services that includes complete schematic design and project management that deliver all your needs.